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Financial Literacy with Charles A. Chadwick Jr.

Have society forgotten that knowledge actually existed before college? Charles is a former college student who experienced the challenge of paying for his college education alone without any external financial assistance. He cut down his college costs by thousands of dollars which amounted 40% of his college expenditures, allowing him to successfully graduate.

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The Student Loaners Are You A Winner or Loser? 🏀📚

Stepping into college life, students face a crucial decision: signing that student loan contract. It’s their version of the big-league draft. With every signature, they’re not just committing to a debt; they’re showing hope, ambition, and courage in their future.

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Pastor of the Student Loan Disaster

Welcome to the Pastor of the Student Loan Disaster (PSLD) page, where Charles, a former college student with two degrees, shares his message and inspires others to take control of their finances. With student loan debt and loan forgiveness being one of the biggest issues facing young people in America today, is there a disaster? Charles uses his humor and creativity to bring awareness to the student loan crisis. In this book, there are some powerful sermons to guide you through your own student loan diversion.

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Chadwick’s Cultivated Circumstances: Experience Is Sometimes Priceless

In this book, Chadwick’s Cultivated Circumstances: Experience is Sometimes Priceless, it will explain that worth depends on the value that an individual offers. Diversifying one’s skill set has proven beneficial during this chaotic period to gain that value. If a person has experience then they can even possibly survive a pandemic!

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Chadwick’s College Checklist 2 Steps W/Tips On How To Cut College Costs Down

This checklist aims to guide those pursuing a college education without accumulating a large amount of debt. Drawing on his own experiences of reducing his college expenses by 40%, Charles skillfully explores the complex terrain of college costs. He also offers a wide range of cost-cutting methods/techniques in today’s world of challenging financial distress and economic downturns for students.. Charles methodology is concise and easy to follow.

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