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Financial Literacy with Charles A. Chadwick Jr.

The Man Who Paid Off his College Debts

Have society forgotten that knowledge actually existed before college? Charles is a former college student who experienced the challenge of paying for his college education alone without any external financial assistance. He cut down his college costs by thousands of dollars which amounted 40% of his college expenditures, allowing him to successfully graduate.

A significant majority of millennials struggle to pay for college today and seek loan forgiveness. Research suggests that nearly 15 million millennials have acquired student loan debt.

Charles has two degrees, but he also learned a trade before going to college. Learning a trade can add more value in today’s very competitive job market. His trade experience/employment even helped him pay off his student loans! Also, during the pandemic, he was able to work, being deemed an essential worker working in the construction/security industry.

Careers like Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and other trades typically survive weak economies and recessions. They have more job security by performing essential services that the world needs at all times. Meanwhile, college programs may give degree-seekers flexible/applicable skills, but those jobs do not always perform as well during economic crises.

The author of two books Chadwick’s College Checklist 2 Steps W/Tips On How To Cut College Costs and Chadwick’s Cultivated Circumstances: Experience Is Sometimes Priceless, aims to encourage people to not compromise on their education or overlook the importance of learning a trade. Through his books, he wishes to help people earn college degrees while staying financially afloat to build a brighter future!

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