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Year 2023, Loan Forgiveness or More Postponed Payments?

Let’s welcome in the year 2023 – what’s new? Many things are new, but students who are in debt still don’t know what to do and have no real clues as to how to move forward. Guess what, everyone? The moment we have all been waiting for will be debated through the supreme court very soon! “President Biden’s sweeping one-time student debt relief initiative would have cancelled up to $20,000 in federal student loans for most borrowers. However, the program has been blocked by federal courts. The Supreme Court has taken up the case.”


This has been a rough journey for parents and college students. What will happen? Does anyone know? I know exactly what will happen after the court rules on this issue; some people will be angry and some happy. That’s the only that can happen really! Let’s not fool ourselves; our nation, America, is having a challenging time deciding if student loan forgiveness is right.

Some people may feel that going to college is a choice and that a student should not be helped, because they should have understood the terms of the loan structure going into the agreement. There are some people who did not attend college, because they could not afford it, and went down another pathway. Will a plan be put into place after the supreme court ruling in February? What do you think? Please leave your thoughts in a comment on this blog.

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