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Today is International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate. Did you know women make up over fifty percent plus of the work force in United States. This is major progress in my opinion, but maybe only impressive within the United States. There are so many job opportunities that has happen for women. They have continually strived to thrive in an once male dominated world to survive. Now women worldwide together are becoming huge factor in the workforce. Even though there has been major progress among women all over the world there are still some interesting facts!

Did you know that 37% of women do not use the internet. 259 million fewer women have access to the Internet than men, even though they account for nearly half the world’s population. If women cannot access the internet than they will have the challenge to keep up with the forever changing technology for the job force. Source: United Nations, International Women’s Day: Innovation and technology for gender equality

Here in the United States, women are outpacing men in college graduation. Please see the chart below from the Pew Research Center.


With women graduating more often now then men who attend college, will this help close the gender equality pay gap? It’s amazing to see women pursuing and choosing their passion, goals, careers, and dreams. We are now living in year 2023! We are living in a time now where women can choose to be whoever they want to be! This includes careers, professions, and the trade industry.

I feel like the trade industry is one of the most overlooked places! I say this, because women here in the United States make up about 11% of the trade industry! With women pacing men out on earning degrees, why is there still such a low percentage of women working in trade industry? It’s no secret the trade industry is dominated by men, but guess what? They’re going to be room for a new trend, where the pay gap between men and women could possibly get closure to an end. With construction booming and more young people attending college than learning a trade there is now a major shortage of workers!

How many workers? About 650,000 thousand with that many workers being needed women could filled those vacancies by simple getting into the trade industry. One interest fact is that there is only a 94.3 percent difference in the men to women pay equity gap in some construction fields.

Source: The Colorado Sun What’s Working: Women in construction — where gender pay equity is 94.3%

The Trade Industry in my opinion do not discriminate as much, because if a person can do the work and has the skill, they can own their own business or work for a company as an employee. If women are out pacing men in college graduation rates, then don’t stop there catch up with men in the trades. Please click below to see Charles Interview on the Jennifer J Hammond Show. Charles explains the need of more women in the trade industry in year 2023.

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