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Wait for Loan Forgiveness or Join a Trade Apprenticeship?

When it comes to student loan forgiveness, should a student wait for something that may or may not happen? Students may feel successful because they graduated and obtained their degrees, but when it’s time to pay back their loans, they are coming up with no jobs and no money. They may be feeling like college is not doing what is supposed to do. For example, a college education promises to be the gateway to entering their dream job and financial security. College has always had unlimited possibilities in theory, but with millions of Americans in debt, this failed promise is the reality for so many! In my opinion, students should now start looking for work that does not require a degree and jump into the trade industry for balanced income security!

Student loan payments and interest have been postponed since 2020 – we are now in year 2023. In three years, a student has had time to find a job and generate some type of income to start repaying their loans back. “Since the start of the pandemic, the federal student loan system has been in a constant state of flux. Two presidents and Congress have put loan repayment on hold and stopped the accumulation of interest to help borrowers weather the economic fallout from COVID-19.”


In addition to students trying to repay back their loans, what about their everyday costs of just normal living? My question is simple: are college graduates with degrees sinking in debt, while trade workers are swimming with their skillset? The answer is yes, as we have seen the results from just the pandemic. No one could have ever foreseen the world stopping cold hard, but now we are adjusting. We are now at three years plus of adjusting, and some jobs sectors are no longer existent and will never come back, but guess what? The Trade Industry work over the last three years most definitely maintained opportunities for essential jobs versus some college required jobs that were considered non-essential.

Let’s take into account that three years has gone by and that’s more than enough time for students to make up their minds! A student with a degree who is struggling to earn money while trying to repay back their debt could take advantage of this great opportunity to learn a new skillset. Stop waiting for loan forgiveness and jump into a trade apprenticeship. For the many students who need to start earning an income so they can get paid, they can jump right into a trade. Most trade apprenticeship programs are cheaper and take less time than it does to complete a college degree.

Students make a huge investment of time and resources in going to college, hoping to land their dream job and make a good salary also. Is this the reason students are willing to labor by studying for four years, sometimes without making any money during that time, but continuingly borrowing more money at colleges? This is what happens at another familiar place – casinos. A person goes in hoping for a win, but even when their money gets low, they continue to borrow more and continue to play more, still hoping that they will hit the jackpot. Has anyone noticed the pattern that many students start out in college with no money? In the end, students hoped for success like hitting a jackpot their dream job/salary after graduating, but some end up with more and more debt? This is very interesting; people don’t have money, so they go into debt to try to make more money.

College will always have unlimited earning possibilities in theory, but with millions of Americans now in debt, unrealized potential is the reality for so many! Why has the trade industry been overlooked, and should teachers start promoting the trade industry again as much as they promote college? It’s no secret that the trade industry is job security! Students who are struggling to find work within their degree fields need to stop being afraid and jump right into the trade industry.

Did you know careers in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other trades typically survive weak economies and recessions? Workers in these fields have more job security by performing essential services that the world always needs. Meanwhile, college programs may give degree-seekers flexible/applicable skills, but those jobs do not always perform as well during economic crises. How did the pandemic fare for those with degrees versus those who work in the trade industry?

As you consider these things, know that help is available from a Reader’s Digest author named Charles Chadwick. Charles is unique – he has two college degrees, cut his college costs by 40%, and is now debt free! But guess what? He is successful because of a set of skills he learned for free from the trade industry. He has written two books that give people the best college and trade industry outlook. For more information, please visit our website


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      Thanks for your comment. Our goal at Chadwick’s Experiences is to help students learn how to cut their college costs and to stop overlooking the trade industry! WE ARE NOT A STOCK/ INVESTING COMPANY. Please don’t get confused with trading stocks and the trade industry! This shows me you have not read our blogs and more than likely you are bot/scam.

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