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Have you heard the joke, “Hiring a fresh graduate with three years of experience?” sounds funny, but that’s not a joke. In fact, most employers love to hire young graduates with work experience. But it’s easier said than done. Working during college is daunting and challenging, but it can be advantageous in the long run.

Charles Chadwick, the author of the book Chadwick’s College Checklist, shares that he had to work through his college years but claims it was the most significant decision ever made as it helped him on many fronts. He is blatantly open about it and claims that his work-study jobs significantly helped him in his professional journey. But the real question for young professionals is, “Is studying and working simultaneously a great way to get an early start?” Charles Chadwick thinks so. In today’s discussion, we will highlight reasons why students should start working during their college days.

Avoid or Reduce Debt

One of the most important reasons to work while studying is that it allows you to get the hang of the initial struggles. Students have to take out hefty student loans to get a good college education. So, working during college allows you to reduce and, in some cases, avoid or limit debt. In general, most people who work their way to college have lesser loan debt than those who don’t.

Further, they are also financially smart, because they know how to manage their expenses and life. A part-time or remote job helps you become an expert at managing budgets and time. Even if you don’t work full-time, you can have the experience required to land a decent job, earn extra cash, and avoid debt.

As per Charles Chadwick, it’s not a bad idea either. It helped him gain better financial knowledge and become a better budget planner. As per Charles, before college,use to sell various items on eBay and earn good money from jobs in the maintenance and IT computer departments. It’s worth mentioning that he also called himself the “eBay King,” due to his gigs.

Networking Opportunities

A single aspect that most professionals lack is professionalism, because they don’t network with others. A major benefit of a student working during their college days is that it allows them to network with other professionals. They might find better employment opportunities in different workplaces. It also allows them to meet with students from other institutions and create LinkedIn connections.

Further, as employees, students might find the opportunity to display their unique capabilities and improve their job prospects. Most trainers encourage young professionals to expand their wings and create professional networks. So, when they craft these professional relationships, it gives them a chance to showcase themselves and open up several avenues.

Extra Income Opportunities

As a student, you’re always looking for more earning opportunities. Extra income opportunities are always appreciated, whether to manage your academic expenses or to enjoy college life. Apart from peer pressure, a student’s life can be tough, and when the going gets tough, you want your financial situation to be good. So, better income opportunities can help you be financially independent, achieve budget smartness, and acquire a future saving habit.

Charles Chadwick, in his book “Chadwick’s Cultivated Circumstances Experience is sometimes priceless.” shares a story about how earning extra income helped him earn a powerful free computer system. Although he was selling different things on campus, it helped him be more financially independent than his classmates. It’s a significant advantage given how college students are social animals and want to engage with their peers and party hard.

Learn Time Management Skills

Once you begin working after college, you might find it hard to manage your time. At times, you have to juggle several projects and meetings. So, if you find yourself a chance to learn time management before you kickstart your professional life after college, avail it with both hands. It can also help you to juggle your classes while working a job.

It will also help you learn about people at work. It’s important to understand that there is a difference between working with people in school and communicating with people at your job. In hindsight, it can help you gain abilities to adjust to the real world outside the four walls of your classroom.

Charles Chadwick shares that his professional career skyrocketed, because he was always willing to work, learn and get some type of work experience. Of course, that’s subjective because not everyone likes to push themselves beyond their limitations. However, Charles, suggests that even a single job during studies can help you manage your time better. After all, you must take the time to do something, because money won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. Just like student loan forgiveness, if it happens great, but if a student does not qualify, please understand you must manage your finances it’s the right thing to do.

Become a Young Entrepreneur

It’s funny how being an entrepreneur was a big boy’s thing in the past. People who used to become business owners in the late 1900s were usually part of large-scale corporations. These days, everything has gotten a lot easier. Every day, we hear about some teenagers becoming online sensations or millionaires by creating and changing the way we do things. What does that present? A chance to become entrepreneurs.

College students have the chance to become entrepreneurs and take the world by storm when they enter the professional arena. Charles Chadwick talks about a story during his college days when one of his professors talked about their equipment. They spoke about how the G5 Power Macs were great systems before, but were a little outdated. So, it was time to upgrade to the new iMacs. They said, ” It would be nice to upgrade to some newer models, but I don’t think we can, given our limited budget.”

That’s when Charles had an idea that quickly made him ask, ” What if we sell our old systems and purchase newer iMacs?” Charles’s professor liked the idea, and quickly decided to set up a meeting with the finance office. Most people might not even think a student would come up with such an idea. Even if they do, hardly anyone volunteers to suggest something, but it was Charles’s moment, and he took it.

After a few days, a meeting was planned where they presented their idea to the finance office, and they agreed. As a reward, the college’s finance officer asked him, “Charles, what do we owe you for your trouble to sell all these computers? “ Charles said “if it was not too much of a problem, could he maybe keep one of them?” and they agreed. So, it’s all about leveraging an idea and going through with it.

Improve Your Grades

Did you know that working improves your grades? Contrary to popular beliefs, most working students witness their grades improving. It is usually a result of learning to organize and plan your study time effectively. Of course, you have to be precise with your approach. Experts suggest that it usually depends on the hours you’re clocking in for work.

Studies indicate that students who work 15 to 20 hours per week have better GPAs than those who don’t work at all. So, think again about performing better in your studies because you’re a full-time student. Let’s look at it this way; if you don’t put your time, energy, and effort into a job, you will do that in an unproductive environment.

Charles’ Tips to Earn Money in College

As someone who was in your shoes, Charles knows what it takes to survive and thrive in a harsh college environment and work simultaneously. He also understands the importance of working during college hours. That’s why he has prepared five quick ways for you to earn money in college.

  • Earn with a Hobby: One of the best ways to earn is to find a hobby that you like. For instance, if you’re a photographer, you can earn money by getting a few gigs on the side like baby showers or engagement pictures etc.
  • Work-Study Program: Several working opportunities, like maintenance, finance office or other labor work, allow you to earn well even during college and get some type of work experience.
  • Work at Businesses that are in a walking distance: One of the best ways to earn quickly is to work at a place near your college. You never know who you can meet and help you on your life journey.
  • Earning Through Selling item on Facebook Market: This is also a quick way to earn income. Remember, the Facebook marketplace is a great way to sell unique items.
  • Use Your Mind: There’s nothing better than using your mind. For instance, if you can create an app that can help you to perform better in your field or major of study. Solve a problem in your studied industry by designing a powerful app.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when people thought getting a college education required you to focus entirely on your studies only. The recession has played a significant part in changing this mindset and has also created chances for young professionals to become street-smart rather than book-smart. Charles Chadwick is a clear example that one can earn good money and gain experience while still being enrolled in a challenging academic program. It’s all about focus and what matters the most. So, are you a college student looking for inspiration? Order your copy of Charles’s book today “Chadwick’s Cultivated Circumstances Experience is sometimes priceless” he explains why getting work experience is some much important for young people. He even talks about the importance of the Trade Industry! Also, if you know anyone going to college pick up his other book “ Chadwick’s College Checklist 2 Steps w/Tips on How to Cut College Costs Down.

Don’t wait until ? GRADUATION just use your own IMAGINATION it’s okay to make cash while you attend class ?!”

For more information about Charles and his events, please explore all his pages on the website.  Checkout one of the many podcasts Charles has been featured on called the “3-21 No Kiddin” Podcast. To listen to the podcast below just click the image below and link will open.

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