Welcome to Chadwicks Experiences podcast page. The page provides a unique perspective on tackling student loan debt, with humor and creativity. Charles encourages listeners to explore the trade industry as a viable career path and offers practical tips for limiting college debt and taking control of finances. The podcasts below offer inspiring, educational, and entertaining stories on student loan debt with a trade industry and other job skill perspective.

The Leading Visionaries Podcast
Former TEDx Speaker Steve Harrison Interviews Pastor
Money Talk With Melanie
Adding Context

Ron Costin

The Open Highway
The #SpeakEasy Podcast
How to Live A Fantastic Life
The Student Loan Podcast
Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University
Just Dumb Enough Podcast
The Solomon Tention Podcast Unfiltered
The World of Work Podcast
Read My Lips 
The Jennifer J. Hammond Podcast