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Should African Americans go to College or Trade School?

Whether to pursue a college education or learn a trade can be a difficult one for black people, especially given the unique challenges they face in society. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure about which path to take. But don’t worry, there’s no wrong choice here.  Whether you choose to pursue a college degree or learn a trade, what matters most is that you find a career that brings you happiness and fulfillment. Both paths have their own unique advantages and can lead to successful and fulfilling careers.

Charles has some degrees, but also worked in the trade industry! See picture below.

It’s important to approach your education or training with dedication and commitment. It won’t always be easy, but with the right mindset and support, you can achieve your goals and create a bright future for yourself. So, take some time to consider your choices, weigh the pros and cons, do what feels right for you. And remember, no matter which path you choose, there are resources and support available to help you succeed. For more information, please check out our books, blogs, podcast, and reviews to help guide you.

Please click picture below to see Video Clip of Charles featured on the Solomon Tention Podcast.

Here are some FAQs about what a student can do for career path

Q: How do I decide whether to pursue a college education or learn a trade?

A: The decision ultimately depends on your personal circumstances and goals. Consider factors such as cost, career aspirations, and personal interests when making this decision. If you’re unsure, it may be helpful to speak with a career counselor or advisor for guidance.

Q: Is it true that college graduates earn more than those who learn a trade?

A: While college graduates may, on average, earn more than those who learn a trade, it’s important to remember that skilled tradespeople are in high demand and can often command higher wages than those with a college degree.

Q: What financial help is available for black people pursuing higher education?

A: There are many financial assistance options available, including scholarships, grants, and student loans with competitive interest rates. It’s important to research and apply for these options early for the chance of receiving aid.

Q: Can learning a trade provide job security?

A: Yes, learning a trade can provide job security. Skilled tradespeople are always in demand, and the skills learned in a trade can be used to a variety of industries.

Q: How do I find a trade to learn?

A: There are many trade schools and apprenticeship programs available. Research your local options and speak with a career counselor or advisor for guidance on finding a trade that suits your interests and goals.

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