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Trades Returning to High Schools

The trade industry has been hit hard in recent years, leaving many workers and students uncertain about their futures. But there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. As our world becomes more focused on sustainability and eco-friendliness, there is a growing demand for skilled tradespeople. And with the rise of automation, we need people who can work with their hands and bring practical solutions to everyday problems.

That’s where high schools come in. By offering vocational classes and apprenticeships, we can offer students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in an alternative pathway than just college. We can help them develop a deep understanding of the tools, techniques, and technologies that make our world work. And we can provide them with more hands-on relative experiences that will prepare them for a successful career.

But it’s not just about the students. Bringing the trade industry back into high schools can benefit society. We can bridge the skills gap in the workforce, ensuring that we have the talented and dedicated tradespeople we need to keep our communities running smoothly. Having more younger people working can support their local economies, creating more opportunities and growth. In these uncertain times, we need to be thinking about the future. And the future of the trade industry is bright. By investing in our students and our communities, we can ensure that the trades remain a vital part of our society for years to come. Let’s get to work. The trades are calling, and we need to answer. For more information, please check out our books, blogs, podcast, and reviews to help guide you. Please click picture below to see video of Charles interview a Welder who makes $100K per year who dropped out of high school. 

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Here are some FAQs about the Trade Industry:

Q: What is the trade industry?

A: The trade industry refers to skilled trades such as welding, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work. These jobs require specialized skills and knowledge to perform and are critical to many industries.

Q: How has the trade industry been affected in recent years?

A: The trade industry has faced many challenges in recent years, including the rise of automation and outsourcing. Many trade jobs have been replaced or sent overseas, leaving a gap in the workforce.

Q: Why is there a growing need for skilled tradespeople?

A: As the world becomes more digital, there is a growing need for skilled tradespeople who can work with their hands and bring tangible solutions to everyday problems. There is a demand for tradespeople who can specialize in green technologies and practices, as the world becomes more environmentally conscious.

Q: How can high schools help prepare students for a career in the trades?

A: High schools can provide vocational classes and apprenticeships to help students gain hands-on experience and develop the skills necessary for a successful career in the trades.

Q: Does bringing back the trade industry back into high school’s benefit society?

A: Bringing the trade industry back into high schools can benefit both students and society. Not only does it provide students with a viable career path, but it also addresses the skills gap in the workforce and helps to support local economies.

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