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Do you ever wonder how many students would like to dethrone “Student Loans!” In order to dethrone someone or something a person or group must lead the charge.  Meet a former college student who successfully dethrone his student loans by cutting his cost by 40%, paid off all of his balance with interest and learned a trade.  Meet Charles he has two college degrees, but guess what?  He is more successful with a set of skills he learned for free from the trade industry.  Many young people attending college in America have accumulated a lifetime worth of debt and bills.  Charles has a different message he wants to see more student get in the trade industry and start learning a lifetime worth of earning skills instead of graduating with a mountain of college bills.

Whenever there are hard times, someone has to have a vision and a mission which is called a provision. A provision can be defined as; the fact or state of being prepared beforehand: a measure taken beforehand to deal with a need or contingency.  Student Loans have and will continue to be a disaster, so therefore Charles has made it his mission to become the “The Pastor of the Student Loan Disaster.”  In real life, Charles is not a pastor of a church, but he came up with the character of a pastor for the students who are struggling to make their payments and now they are butt hurt! With this made-up character, he uses a buck teeth prop to make students laugh. But behind the scenes Charles knows that many students are struggling to make their payments and it’s not funny, but more so sad.

Charles came up with this idea one day while working his job hearing so many people complaining about student loans. On his lunch break he thought it would be funny to imitate a pastor and try to show students a way out the student loan disaster! Charles was born and raised in the south. He grew up in North Carolina, which is known for being a bible belt state. Charles was always forced to go to church even though he didn’t want to go when he was little. Now that Charles is older; he is not a religious person and nor does he claim any religion.  He does not claim to be righteous, but he tries to be more conscience if anything else. Charles has one goal and that is to dethrone student loans!

Who would have ever guessed that something Charles experienced when he was younger will now be use to bring awareness to one of the biggest issues in America called “Student Loans.”  Over the years of attending so many church services Charles started to notice that pastors were really like coaches. A good coach will always try to lead and push their team to a win or victory.  Just like a coach has players, a pastor has their congregation of members. Over the pandemic Charles heard so much negativity about student loans that he thought very long and hard about a way that he could bring more awareness to the next generation of students in America.

Charles knows that student loan forgiveness will not take away everyone challenges with paying off their debt balances.  He has high hope that students and parents will laugh at his videos, but more importantly listen to his sermons.  His sermons address some interesting issues.  We have always known that college is not for everybody. With the message, traditionally being pushed so hard to high school students to go to college year after year, Charles feels and knows that the trade industry has and will always also be a good career.  He also, explains why it is important to learn finances first, so that later down the journey road of life a student won’t be financially hurt!

Please laugh, listen and stay tuned into “The Pastor of the Student Loan Disaster.” Charles has created some very funny animated sermon videos to bring awareness to student loans and even the benefits of learning a trade.

To see one of Charles Sermons please just click image below and link will take you to Sermon# 4.

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